Response to Week 18 – The Accuracy of Donald Trump In Catherine Rampell’s article “You’re A Nazi and Other Shocking Truths…” (2015), she criticizes Donald Trump for the logical fallacies in the statements that he has made during his presidential campaign.  Two Deviant Phrases “Netizens” = This term refers to any of the individuals who interact online through internet-based communication.  “Lame-stream” = In an attempt to enter the mind […]

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Response to Week 17 – Paternity Leave In Catherine Rampell’s article “Why Zuckerberg’s Paternity Leave is Such a Big Deal” (2015), she expounds on the impact that Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to take paternity leave will have on American society and why this idea is so revolutionary.   Two Deviant Phrases “Public Pillorying” = This term refers to when individuals are publicly […]

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Response to Week 16 – First Comes Love… Then What?–then-what/2015/11/19/39eb8186-8f02-11e5-baf4-bdf37355da0c_story.html In Catherine Rampell’s article “For Millennials, First Comes Love, then What?” (2015), she enumerates several reasons why the millennial generation is hesitant to make the commitment of marriage.  Two Deviant Phrases “Domestic Bliss” = This refers to the happiness of those in the home. It is implied that marriage is one way to boost […]

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Response to Week 15 – Americans’ Loyalty is Costing Them Billions In Catherine Rampell’s article “Americans’ Loyalty to Employers and Insurance Is Costing Them Billions” (2015), she urges readers to take advantage of opportunities to save money by switching health care providers and to earn more by switching employers, an opportunity most Americans fail to avail themselves of.  Two Deviant Phrases “Open Enrollment” = During […]

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Response to Week 14 – The Budget Battle Isn’t Over In Catherine Rampell’s article “The Budget Battle Isn’t Over. It’s Just Beginning” (2015), she warns that a government shutdown is imminent due to the use of “riders” on passed legislation to unfairly influence the spending budget.  Two Deviant Phrases “Riders” =  This term refers to an additional provision added to a bill or piece […]

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Response to Week 13 – The Republicans Are Right In Catherine Rampell’s article “The Republicans Are Right” (2015), she expresses that during the Republican presidential debate, the candidates simply lied on public television and scorned public media outlets.  Two Deviant Phrases “Legerdemath = First coined in 2013, this term is a combination of “legerdemain” and “math”. This new phrase implies the apparent use […]

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Response to Week 12 – Free Speech is Flunking Out on College Campuses In Catherine Rampell’s article “Free Speech is Flunking Out on College Campuses” (2015), she demands that the right to freedom of speech is enforced more effectively in college campuses throughout the United States.  Two Deviant Phrases “Anti-Cop Fringe = This defines a movement of individuals, who apart from mainstream societal views, resist and oppose the […]

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