Response to Week 18 – The Accuracy of Donald Trump

In Catherine Rampell’s article “You’re A Nazi and Other Shocking Truths…” (2015), she criticizes Donald Trump for the logical fallacies in the statements that he has made during his presidential campaign. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Netizens” =
This term refers to any of the individuals who interact online through internet-based communication.
 “Lame-stream” =
In an attempt to enter the mind of Donald Trump, Rampbell reasons that Trump abstains from mainstream methods of acquiring information, such as actual research, dubbing them as “lame”.
Two Vocabulary Words
Demagogue – a leader or political figure who wins the approval of the people through emotional appeals rather than facts
Corollary – a statement that requires little proof from the previous statement 
Two Abstract Connections 
While the American public views Trump’s presidential campaign as a drawn out practical joke, there have been more absurd presidential candidates. Particularly, Andrew Johnson was one of the most ludicrous men to win the office. His inauguration speech was given in a slurred manner because of his habits of drinking in serious situations.

Donald Trump is a fan of using the “ad hominem” strategy to degrade the public opinion of his political enemies. The bigotry he is guilty of is commonly seen in American history; the American culture is accustomed to discriminating against those who are seen as “outsiders” with insults and other slurs. This can be seen today in the names of many teams in the National Football League teams such as the Washington Redskins. Ironically, the Native Americans called the United States home before Europeans did, making the new white settlers the true “outsiders”.


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