Response to Week 17 – Paternity Leave

In Catherine Rampell’s article “Why Zuckerberg’s Paternity Leave is Such a Big Deal” (2015), she expounds on the impact that Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to take paternity leave will have on American society and why this idea is so revolutionary.  

Two Deviant Phrases
“Public Pillorying” =
This term refers to when individuals are publicly locked in a wooden block in an attempt to shame them. This was an old idea used in ancient times, but has been revolutionized with technology; individuals can be shamed online now as well.
 “Daddy Leave Quota” =
This is a coined expression meaning requiring fathers to take paternity leave.
Two Vocabulary Words
Stigmatize – to regard as worthy of disapproval or disgrace
Perfunctory– carried out with the least amount of effort required 
Two Abstract Connections 
The movement for increases in paid time to attend to children, for both men and women, is an idea that was originally intended for women and women were the main activists for it. However, it did not receive due attention until a male sided with the movement. Similarly, in the nineteenth century, the women’s suffrage movement did not receive the attention needed for women to receive the right to vote until male activists became involved, such as Henry Blackwell.

During the era of World War I, the “We Can Do It!” campaign was launched featuring Rosie the Riveter as a way to encourage women to shift from their traditional roles in the home to more industrial jobs to support the United States’ economy. Interestingly enough, the opposite is occuring now with the push for women (and men) to spend more time at home molding the nation’s youth.


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