Response to Week 13 – The Republicans Are Right

In Catherine Rampell’s article “The Republicans Are Right” (2015), she expresses that during the Republican presidential debate, the candidates simply lied on public television and scorned public media outlets. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Legerdemath =

First coined in 2013, this term is a combination of “legerdemain” and “math”. This new phrase implies the apparent use of magic to manipulate numbers and other facts.

“Truth-squadding” =
This is a politic term created in the recent years and means to distort and misrepresent the truth.
Two Vocabulary Word
Pedantic – overly concerned with details and facts
Plaudits – praise or applause from an audience 
Two Abstract Connections 
Rampell implies that in modern politics, the most popular candidate is the one which tells the most appealing lies to the public. This is the beginning of widespread government corruption, which a recent poll reveals is Americans’ largest fear.

In George Washington’s Farewell Address, he warned against rival political parties and divisions among the government. He feared that these differences would breed animosities which would promote corrupt governments run by politicians that lie. It seems as though his fears are turning into reality.


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