In Larry Klayman’s article “Battle Against NSA Spying in Courtroom 18” (2015), he demands that justice is upheld in current court cases involving the unconstitutional spying the NSA participates in. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Law of the Case” =
This legal term means that if two cases with similar premises are presented, they should (normally) result in the same outcome.
“Intelligence Gap” =

This means whenever there is an unanswered question about national security. There seems to be a lot of these. Isn’t the government’s only job to prevent these?
Two Vocabulary Words
Insatiable – impossible to satisfy one’s desire(s)
Injunction– authoritative order or warning
Two Abstract Connections 
The controversial Eighteenth Amendment prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol. However, this was quickly changed due to the concerns of the government, about malcontent citizens, and corporations, due to lost business. Is it possible that our Fourth Amendment right to privacy can too be overturned if it suits the desires of government and corporations?
 In his article, Klayman begs for divergent-thinking and brave court justices and jurists who are willing to speak out against the status-quo in order to preserve justice. He seems to be calling for justices similar to those in the Brown v. the Board of Education and Obergefell v. Hodges cases. Their landmark decisions helped end discrimination against African-Americans and homosexuals.

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