Response to Week 9 – The Impact of Spying on the US Economy

In Stuart Lauchlan’s article “It’s Time for the US Cloud Industry to Stand Up to Europe’s un-Safe Harbor Bullies” (2015), he suggests that new data policies in Europe similar to those of the NSA will impact American companies worldwide. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Safe Harbor” =
This means defining an action as not breaking a certain law in place. In this case, data collection isn’t an invasion of personal liberties…
“Data Hosting” =

Data hosting services run Internet servers in order to allow access to this data by companies and consumers.
Two Vocabulary Words
Draconian – great severity or harshness
Pursuant – in accordance to or in agreement with
Two Abstract Connections 
It seems as though governments around the world are attempting to control the actions of these technology corporations by preventing their expansion. In the Disney film WALL-E, a group known as “Buy n Large” runs Earth’s government and economy. Is this what the future has in store for us?
European nations are adopting data surveillance practices similar to those of the United States. This is not the first time the United States has directly influenced European actions. Following the American embargo on Cuba, the European Union followed suit.
Interestingly enough, Cuba was placed under an embargo for human rights abuses. However, this time it is Europe and the U.S. that are abusing human rights.

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