RESPONSE TO WEEK 8 – Wikipedia’s Lawsuit Against NSA Internet Vacuum Has First Day in Court

In Steve Nelson’s article “Wikipedia’s Lawsuit Against NSA Internet Vacuum Has First Day In Court” (2015), he argues that the lawsuit against the NSA for its surveillance practices will be a difficult undertaking until more facts are released. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Rule from the Bench” =

This is an actual legal term! First seen in 2011, it refers to cases in which the judge already has decided his/her position on a case before the trial even begins.
“Upstream collection” =

“Upstream” means traveling in the opposite direction from that in which a body of water usually flows. The NSA collects data while they “flow past” on different systems of transport.
Two Vocabulary Words
Amnesty – an official political pardon
Dragnet Surveillance – a broadened counterintelligence process that includes practices such as widespread surveillance, heightened police alertness, increased traffic spots


Two Abstract Connections 
In this summer’s hit television show, Mr. Robot, one of the major plot elements is a lawsuit against the world’s largest monopoly. However, due to the difficult of winning a case against this “super-company”, several losses in the past, and a lack of necessary evidence, it is seemingly impossible for the main characters to do so. Winning a law suit against the United States’ government seems impossible for these same reasons.
During one infamous court case, a woman named Casey Anthony was charged with allegedly killing her own daughter. While all suspicions pointed to her and it seemed obvious that she was guilty, she was deemed innocent by the courts due to the lack of evidence. Nelson seems to suggest in his article, that the same will happen with the case against the NSA if enough proof is not uncovered.

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