Response to Week 7 – Congress Wants to Allow Europeans to Sue US Over Spying. What’s Next?

In Max Lewontin‘s article “Congress Wants to Allow Europeans to Sue US Over Spying. What’s Next?” (2015), he implies that Congress passing the Judicial Redress Act will trigger lawsuits from European citizens who were spied upon. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Umbrella Agreement” =
This refers to one overarching idea that has several sub-categories that fall under it.
“Judicial Redress” =
This actually means any form of compensation for wrongs committed. 
Two Vocabulary Words
Assuage – to make less intense
Mark-Up Session – process by which legislative branch debates, amends, and writes proposed legislation 

Two Abstract Connections 
Laws are just now being enforced that prevent American spying on European citizens! This is reminiscent of Cold War espionage. However, the US is spying on its allies, not enemies this time.
The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution is often referred to in domestic cases involving a right to privacy. Upon reading the document itself, the Constitution does not explicitly state this. Is this cause for concern for the American public?

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