Response to Week 6 – UK Government is Working with NASA to Track Drones

In Cara McGoogan’s article “UK Government is Working With NASA to Track Drones” (2015), she implies that the US’ use of drones is evolving and we are now collaborating with the British to expand drone operations. 

Two Deviant Phrases
“Aerial systems traffic management” =
Usually, this means air traffic control at airports but the article suggests using it to monitor drones as well.
“Geo-fencing” =
This is a new proposal from the European Commission; it would block drones from flying over restricted areas.
Two Vocabulary Words
Robustness – ability (of a computer system) to cope with errors during execution
Anti-Drone Laser Technology – laser-guided system by Boeing that can be used to shoot down its own drones if necessary
Two Abstract Connections 
Back when the NSA spying scandal leaked, most European governments were outraged. It appears that this time, they’re teaming up to spy on their citizens. Maybe the UK is just making sure the US doesn’t spy on them?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech at the general meeting of the Thuringian CDU in Jena, Germany, on Saturday.
DDFH by Run the Jewels
“It’s drones over Brooklyn, you blink you could get tooken”
With the USA, UK, and NGO’s all teaming up to expand the use of drone surveillance, does our right to privacy still matter?

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